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Flora Tall Candlestick, Set of 2

Everything and everyone looks glamorous by candlelight. We have worked with Murano artisans to create an elegant glass candlestick that we feel is every bit as practical as it is dreamy. Our candlesticks come in two different heights so that you easily can create movement and interest in your table decoration. We have made these in our classic clear fine glass so that they go with everything: Skye sometimes likes to add a pop of colour to the table by pairing the candlestick with coloured wax candles.


Set of 2 glass candle holders / Clear ribbed glass / Handblown in Murano, Italy / No two pieces are exactly the same (we think this is what makes them special) / Hand wash only / Includes tips from Skye


24m x 7.5cm - Please note that every piece is handblown and made without a mould making them completely unique. Dimensions are used as a guide. 

Items Included: 2