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My happiest place is sitting at the dining table, indulging in good food and good company. For me, that’s what makes life worth living: I want to celebrate those precious moments, make them extra special - and I want to enjoy them more often. It is the long lazy lunches, the dinner parties, the holiday parties and the cosy weeknight suppers with friends that are both the inspiration and the motivation for Tavola, tableware that evokes that happy dolce vita feeling through the simple things that we use everyday.

I love to eat and I want to eat well, but I’m also a lazy cook. I rely on good ingredients and charming crockery to make my meals feel and look special. I’m a firm believer in the quasi-magical power of a beautiful plate to transform even the most un-inspiring food into something sumptuous. But I have often struggled to find just that right plate - the right shape, the right size, colourful enough to be striking on the table but not so garishly bright that it takes away from the food, and so forth… and so Tavola was born. Each piece - each plate, glass, dish and candlestick in the collection - is painstakingly and lovingly curated. It’s designed for you to collect and treasure over the years: there is nothing trendy about it, because I’ve long since given up on trends in favour of things that - quite simply - I really love. Nothing here matches or is intended to match, because a table feels more characterful and more special when it’s eclectic and when it tells the story of the person who laid it. Everything is made in Italy or the UK by craftsmen who are as passionate about what they do as I am about sharing food with friends. And above all these are pieces for you to use - because there are few greater pleasures or privileges in life than eating with the people you love and forging memories together round the dining table. 


Skye x