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Achille Side Plate, Blue, Set of 4

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Taking inspiration from a treasured set of vintage Italian plates the Achille side plate is decorated with a simple crown of hand painted laurel leaves. We love it as a side plate to accompany our classic Romilly dinner collection or we think it looks especially beautiful when layered on top of the more decorative Aeneas dinner plate. Hand painted and hand crafted in the Veneto region in Northern Italy. Available in china blue, forest green and, as a limited run, in regal gold. 


Set of 4 Side Plates / White ceramic with a hand-painted dark blue rim / Hand-painted floral detail / Dishwasher safe recommended at a gentle setting / Avoid leaving in water for long periods of time / Designed and crafted in Italy / Includes a recipe from Skye


Dia: 21cm

Items Included: 4